Cheerleading… There is a position for everyone!

Cheerleading… There is a position for everyone!

Cheerleading is such a versatile sport which requires team work, dedication and a lot of fun to be had! There are several positions that make up a team so there is always a spot or position for everyone to join in and take part.

There are four main positions in our teams which all cater to different people:


Are you strong and athletic? The base is the bottom of the pyramid and is responsible for supporting the other team members. They are typically made up of strong and agile members which builds a strong foundation and the ‘base’ for our team!


Do you have endless energy and some gymnastics experience? The tumblers are responsible for jumping and flipping while still keeping up with the general routine. They are usually made up of flexible and strong team members which enables them to be able to do various aerial skills.

Being a tumbler is so much fun as they keep the energy high in our routines by doing back flips and tricks.


Are you petite and flexible? Flyers perform aerial stunts and are thrown and lifted into the air, requiring strength, agility, coordination and trust in their teammates.


Do you like doing high kicks & jumps? Dancers needs to have a good understanding of dance fundamentals such as body isolations and general rhythm in order to master the art form. Dancers love busting a move and can do some tumbling and stunts too.

Come and Join Us!

veryone who is a part of a cheerleading team is different and they have a different role to play. We hope this has given you a good understanding of what position there are and their key responsibilities.

If you are local to the Prospect NSW area of Sydney, and you want to get involved, then we can’t wait to hear from you! Your competitive team is waiting! Please register your interest here.

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