CheerSPORT – 2021 Classes

CheerSPORT – 2021 Classes

Inferno CheerSPORT (semi-competitive/virtual events)

Inferno’s CheerSPORT is a safe environment where athletes learn to experience challenge, celebrate mistakes CheerSPORT introduces athletes to the super FUN glam world of competitive cheerleading. We take acrobatics, gymnastics, dance and lifts and turn it into a 1min 30 routine.

These classes will be offered on Mondays, Fridays & Saturdays for all ages;

  • 3-6yrs
  • 6-9yrs
  • 9-12yrs
  • 12yrs & over.

Cost is $20/week per class, and they compete at two virtual competitions in 2021.

Register here to enrol or contact Emma for you (and a friend) to attend a free trial class 🙂

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