Gymnasts make great Cheerleaders

Gymnasts make great Cheerleaders

Transitioning from gymnastics to cheerleading!

Change can be SUPER hard and daunting but believe it or not, the transition from gymnastics to Competitive cheerleading is not such a huge change.

But first, you have to decide… what am I looking for? Cheerleading offers so many exciting differences for gymnasts and also some skills transfer over making it easier to transition, such as:

Progression in tumbling skills

Similarly, to Gymnastics, Cheerleading has various levels and, in those levels, it determines the required tumbling skills needed.

However, in most cheerleading gyms/ studios they like to perfect athletes’ technique and skills in the level they are in whilst also progressing them forward to the next level’s tumbling skills, this way they are challenging themselves and also staying engaged and motivated!

Different and exciting elements

In Gymnastics you have all of the different apparatuses to choose from and most gymnasts specialise in one or two but in cheerleading, you have 4 different elements in ONE routine keeping it new and exciting each time!

Elements include Tumbling, Jumping, Stunting and Dancing. Plus, so many of the skills in gymnastics transfer over to cheerleading such as tumbling skills, flexibility for stunting and jumps, and musicality for dancing!

Cheerleading is a TEAM SPORT

Although in elite gymnastics you will train in a team setting, when you compete and perform you do so as an individual which can put immense amounts of pressure on you, especially younger athletes.

Whereas in cheerleading, you train as a team, you work as a team and you perform as a team! The team will always be there for you know matter what. The relationships you make in cheerleading are so strong, they become your best friends and possibly even like family!

Contact us if you have any questions or come in for a trial, and experience the fun and excitement of Cheerleading 🙂

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