Infernos 2020 Cheer Teams

Infernos 2020 Cheer Teams

ENERGISE – Youth Level 1 Cheer Team

Energise is a fun-loving group of athletes, always looking to do their best. This team has gone from strength to strength this year and continues to improve every lesson. Most recently they placed 3rd at the first-ever virtual AASCF NSW States Competition and are very excited for the rest of the season!

EXTINGUISH – Junior Level 1 Cheer Team

Our Extinguish athletes have not let the crazy of 2020 stand in their way! They are determined and looking to make the best of the rest of the season ahead! They have already come away with 2nd place at their first-ever virtual AASCF NSW STATES competition!

ERUPTION – Junior Level 2 Cheer Team

Eruption is a fantastic group of athletes who love to have fun and improve themselves. They were the first Inferno team to hit zero at our first ever Virtual competition and came away with 3rd place at the AASCF NSW States!

EVACUATE – Junior Level 3 Cheer Team

This hard-working group of young ladies has pushed themselves all year and always surprises us with their determination. Evacuate has had a very successful result at our first-ever virtual competition, placing 1st and also awarded Level 3 Small Gym Grand Champions!

ELECTRIFY – Senior 4 Cheer Team

Our Electrify athletes have been through so much change this season. But with their resilience and drive, they have barely batted an eyelid. They work so hard and love to give it everything they’ve got. For their first-ever year doing Level 4, they have already come away with some great results, Placing 2nd at the AASCF’s first-ever virtual NSW STATES!

ERADICATE – Open Cheer Team

This year our open team took the challenge and upgraded to level 4! While consistently facing new obstacles, these athletes have persevered, and Eradicate is one of our strongest teams.

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