No Cheering during COVID!

No Cheering during COVID!

Like most of 2020, the normality of the Cheerleading season was turned upside down! No one had expected that COVID-19 would have been such a substantial impacting force on our lives; we all had to adapt quickly.

So, what was our 2020 Competitive season like during COVID?

Reality turned Virtual

Instead of flipping and sweating in the gym, we had to worry about slow internet and avoid knocking over lamps in our living rooms.

Doing classes over a group zoom call was a very different and challenging change we had to cope with during COVID. There wasn’t the same energy or happy vibe around you would get when you’re in the gym having fun with your coaches and teammates.

We faced many issues when starting these virtual classes such as people not having enough room to move around in, internet connection failing, and everyone being different when it comes to marking out the routine.

This also meant we were unable to attempt any stunting or new tumbling skills we wanted to learn.

But the most challenging thing was not being able to have fun training together in the gym with your teammates, because that’s what cheer is all about!

The Comeback!

FINALLY, the clouds parted, and we were allowed back in the gym again… socially distanced of course.

But for most of us, we were just excited to be out of the house and see our coaches and friends. It was strange to be so close yet still so far away, we focused a lot on jumps and conditioning, trying to get some form of fitness back after three months of sitting around, not doing much of anything.

Our gym was strict with COVID regulations, but again we didn’t mind as we wanted things to go back as quickly as possible and for that to happen, we all had to do our part.

Sanitise, Temp check, sanitise, go to our designated spots, sanitise, Sanitise, SANITISE!

But once we were able to stunt again we were ready to hit the ground rolling (not literally, no flyer hits the floor 😀 ), but another obstacle. Face masks.

Now we all know face masks are an excellent barrier to facing COVID. However, breathing in out at a rate so fast that you accidentally suck in a whole mouth full of cloth is not fun, not to mention when you try and go up in a stunt and your face mask accidentally slips up and covers your vision or possibly even pokes you in the eye!

Big Crowds are what Cheerleaders live for!

Yes, it was great being back in the gym, but what were we training for? Most live comps were being cancelled, so what were we supposed to do? THEN came the Virtual Competitions!!

Virtual competitions came up in the middle of last year, and it was a great way to ease the surprise of a season suddenly starting halfway again through. We weren’t all that happy about this new change, but we knew it wouldn’t be permanent.

Unlike a standard comp, the only people around were our coaches. That’s it. OH wait, and also a little Gopro Set up in the front of the room. So, it was tough to get into the right mindset that this is a COMPETITION!! For most of us, we thrive off the pressure and excitement of performing for a REAL audience; the cheering, the clapping, the lights, THE JUDGES!! It adds to the excitement of competition, and it does make a difference.

In the end, though, we were lucky enough to have attended two live competitions, CheerBrandz Nationals and DCE Nationals, and it was a great way to end the year!!! We are so excited to see what 2021 will bring!!!

But please let’s leave 2020 behind – PERIOD.

Co-written by Current Inferno Athletes

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