Cheerleading Classes

Recreational Cheer Program

Our recreational cheer program offers a fun and unique way to be active, without the competitive element. Students will learn all aspects of the sport, from stunting to tumbling and more. Students will spend the year learning new skills which will be combined into a high energy routine for the end-of-year display/concert.

Competitive & Non-competitive Cheer Teams

Competitive American All-star cheerleading is a physically intense activity which combines tumbling, dance jumps and stunts to create high energy routines. It is a unique sport which relies heavily on teamwork and strong team identity, improving social and leadership skills, as well as coordination, endurance, strength and flexibility. Our competitive cheer program will develop the ultimate athlete, offering a world of possibilities from squad/team cheer, group stunt, partner stunt, and solo cheer.

Our program will offer the chance to compete at state and national competitions, catering to a range of skill levels and ages. Following the USASF/IASF Rules, our creative and qualified coaching staff will embrace and encourage your child to achieve their full cheerleading potential.

Competitive cheer teams will train 2 days each week, consisting of 2 cheer sessions and 1 tumbling session. Days and times will depend on age, level and number of teams (two maximum). ALL training sessions are compulsory and competitive athletes must attend ALL scheduled competitions.

Check out our undefeated Novice 1 Cheer Team, State & National Champion team the SPARKS.


Competitive Cheer Solos/Duos

An individual or two individuals partake in a short routine showcasing all the elements of cheerleading, predominately tumbling and jumps, without any stunts or in a team environment. This can be both competitive and/or recreational.

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