Dance Classes

Recreational Dance Program

Recreational dance classes offer all the skills and development, without the competitive element. Students will learn choreography and improve their skills throughout the year, which they will put on display at the end-of-year concert. Classes cover a range of dance disciplines including; hip hop, tap, ballet, contemporary, jazz and pom.


Competitive & Non-competitive Dance Teams

Our competitive dance classes cover a range of dance disciplines, including Pom (cheer dance), Jazz and hip hop. In these classes, students will learn both technique and choreography, incorporating jumps, turns, formations and tricks, which they will perform and compete at both state and national competitions.

Our competitive dance teams will train once per week, with days and times depending on age and number of teams. ALL training sessions are compulsory and competitive athletes must attend ALL scheduled competitions.

Check out our undefeated Novice Pom Dance Team, National & Grand Champion team the EMBERS.


Competitive Dance Solos/Duos

An individual or two individuals partake in a short routine in the style or styles of their choosing. This can be both competitive and/or recreational.