Welcome Crystal Antonia

Welcome Crystal Antonia

INFERNO is excited to announce that CRYSTAL ANTONIO will be joining TEAM INFERNO as a JUNIOR COACH in 2021!

Crystal has a long 5-year competitive cheerleading history and has been a big part of Inferno since way back in 2016 when she started. She has grown and gone from strength to strength each season and is now an accomplished level 4/5 athlete.

Starting out on our 1st ever Novice level 1 team, she has since received pinnacle bids, competed for Inferno in the USA, and has achieved countless state and national titles with Inferno! This includes our national and grand champion 2020 junior level 3 team EVACUATE!

Crystal was Inferno’s 2020 spirit award winner, as her positive and hardworking attitude is infectious amongst her teammates, and she is always the first to encourage others.

Outside of cheerleading, Crystal’s accolades continue, as she has been the recipient of the diligence award (RJAS), debating team member and Public speaking finalist (RJAS), school captain, and leadership building program (RJAS), just to list a few. Crystal will undoubtedly be a nurturing and positive role model to all of her students in 2021!

We are so excited to bring such talented young ladies into our Junior Coach program, and welcome CRYSTAL back again to the INFERNO FAMILY!

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