What to expect from tryouts?

What to expect from tryouts?

Have you just tried out, but are unsure what to expect from it? Or maybe you are curious about what WE as a gym expect from you after a tryout? Don’t stress! We will share a few ideas!

But first, here is what to expect at the tryout:

Be Confident!

Even for the most experienced cheerleaders, the idea of tryouts is a daunting one! But TRUST us when we say there is nothing to be nervous about! The coaches or Instructors are there to see where you have the most potential to grow and put you on the BEST team suited for YOU! So be confident!

Be open to trying new things!

Whether you are new to the sport or going to a different level, be open to any new skills or positions! Were you a flyer on your previous team? Then have a go at basing!! The more you expand your list of skills, the more impressed the coaches, maybe because it shows your willingness to LEARN!

Have Fun!

At the end of the day, we do cheerleading and dancing to HAVE FUN! So, don’t stress, it’s only Cheerleading!

Now once you have finished your try out… what next?

Generally, the gym or team will contact you offering a place on one or multiple teams (depending on what you tried out for!) then it is your turn to decide whether you accept or not. So, what are some things to consider or expect?

  • Trusting the coaches team decision is in the best interest of your progression and achievement!
  • Decide on a budget! Cheerleading can be an expensive sport, so communicating with the gym owner or coaches about competition fees, uniforms, training fees, and enrolment may pose an essential factor in your decision.


Commitment is a HUGE part of any competitive sport! Commitment to the training hours, commitment to the fees and commitment to the competitions!

SO Now that you have seen a few expectations and different elements to consider, we hope you enjoy performing and competing with your brand new team!

If your interested in trying out for a place on one of Inferno’s award-winning Competition Cheerleading, Tumbling or Dancing Teams, please register your interest here.

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