Top 5 Things Coaches Look For In Competitive Athletes

Top 5 Things Coaches Look For In Competitive Athletes

Are you thinking of trying out or joining a competitive cheer team this season and wondering what it takes?! Then this article has been written JUST FOR YOU!

As many already know, cheerleading is a high-intensity sport… And like any elite athlete, cheerleaders are put to the test in several ways to show the judges their athletic capabilities and performance abilities.

Our list covers off the top things that coaches look out for in athletes wishing to join a competitive cheerleading team;

Technique is one of the most important components when it comes to the scoring of a competitive routine. We appreciate not everyone is an experienced competitive cheerleader, and potential athletes are at different levels when they first join the sport. We carefully consider each individual and place them on a squad that will be the best fit for their entry level, as well as the best fit for that team. We suggest going back to basics, work on your technique and our best tip is to keeping things sharp and clean!

Jumps can be one of the trickier cheer components to do well and can often be overlooked by athletes. Making sure your jumps are on point is really important, and things like elevation, extension/flexibility, strong arms and pointed toes are the bread and butter of jumps, and will go a long way to showing off your technique!

Tumbling is another complex component of any cheer routine, and here at Inferno, our tumbling is graded into five levels. Check out our tumbling guide to understand where you sit within these levels, and which essential skills you may need to brush up on!

The ‘dance break’ is one of our favourite parts of any competitive routine. It is high energy and hard-hitting, and the perfect opportunity to perform and finish strong for the judges. Sharp and precise movements are key, so be sure to keep practicing, as practice makes perfect!

Attitude is everything! This is definitely number one on our list. You may not be the world’s best cheerleader (just yet), but when it comes to attitude, trying your absolute best is key, we want to see confidence oozing out of you. We look for athletes who have great coachability, who value teamwork, and have a hardworking attitude, who let their personalities shine through. Our best tip – enjoy yourself…it’s contagious!

If you are local to the Prospect NSW area of Sydney, and you want to get involved, then we can’t wait to hear from you! Your competitive team is waiting!

From everyone here at Inferno Cheer and Dance, we wish you the best of luck in your 2021 competitive season and remember, make sure you smile!

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